Our Group has more than 40 years experience and successful business development in On Shore Logistic & Port Activities. We are committed to the prevention of injuries and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.  We maintain a safe, secure, and respectful working environment for all.  We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact everywhere we operate. Likewise we are committed to delivering Quality in all our activities.

We achieve our Commitments through :

  • Complying with all regulation, obligation and legal requirement
  • Promoting an effective QHSE Management for continuous improvement
  • Ensuring that all our employees receive adequate training
  • Setting measurable QHSE objectives
  • Identifying and implementing best practice throughout the business
  • Holding ourselves and our contractors accountable for QHSE performance
  • Being prepared to respond to emergencies quickly and effectively

Safety is a core value in the SATO Groupe management has primary responsibility for Safety leadership.  We will never allow operational results to take precedence over Safety.  If there is ever a conflict between the two, we all have a responsibility to choose Safety first.