SAT NUI - Polynésie




VLS - Vanuatu

Strategic and effective Pacific coverage.   

Our group is made up of three companies located in key Pacific Ocean areas : SATO in New Caledonia, SAT NUI in French Polynesia (Tahiti) and the recent addition of VLS Ltd in Vanuatu.

All three companies have enjoyed strong growth as part of our network and consolidate various essential port operation activities.

SAT NUI and SATO are currently leaders in their respective markets.

SAT NUI (French Polynesia)

The SAT NUI group operates through the following companies :  

  • SAT NUI : port handling,
  • SAT NUI : lifting and transport operations, 
  • TAUTU : transport, 
  • VANES : transport logistics,  
  • TRANSIT SAT NUI : customs clearance, 
  • GLOBAL CARGO freight services CARGO Express (FedEx)
  • AMFU : shipping agent for FARE UTE,
  • SPATLEV : logistics for cruise ships.  

Vanuatu Logistics Services Ltd (Vanuatu)

A newly-established company in Vanuatu (Port Vila), VLS Ltd is already offering a range of specialised services:

  • Lifting and transport operations,
  • Shipping agency,
  • Port handling (available in the near future).